Olive Garden Locations

Finding Olive Garden Locations is a lot easier than you think now that the internet is just a click of a mouse away. If you’re not in the mood to call a local operator and ask for an Olive Garden number near you, then sit in front of your computer and go to the Olive Garden website. How do you this? Here are the steps you need to take:
Go to the official Olive Garden Website

Open your web browser and type www.olivegarden.com on your address bar. Once you’re in their website you will the Locations tab on top of their website banner. You can click on this tab or if you want, you can also just type in your City and State or Zip code on the upper right corner of their web page. Once you have typed in your information, you will be redirected to another page where you will see a map of your vicinity.

Choose Your Olive Garden Location

You will notice that there are several Olive Garden Locations situated in your area and they are represented by numbered balloons on the map. Choose the nearest Olive Garden Location by clicking on this balloon. Once you click on this, you will notice that the right side pane of the web page changes, giving you the contact information of the specific Olive Garden Location you chose. This section includes directions on how you can go there and their hours of operation. They also include the exact address of the restaurant and their telephone numbers.

View the Menu

If you want to see what choices you have before you visit your nearest Oliver Garden Location, click on the “View Menu” icon situated on the contact information of that restaurant. Once you click on this you will be redirected to the Olive Garden Menu that is available on your area. Olive Garden does this because there are some seasonal items on their menu, depending on the location of the restaurant.

Dine in or To Go

Once you have your Olive Garden Menu in front of you, decide if you want to dine in their restaurant or just pick up your order. If you want to pick it up, choose your orders on the menu provided and just call the number included on the locator earlier. Currently Olive Garden has no official delivery service, but be sure to check your local services if they can cater to deliveries.

That’s it, just four easy steps on how you can choose the nearest Olive Garden Location in your area.